Thank you for sharing your AED information with us.  In order to provide required maintenance and ensure we are aware of all AED's on campus, we ask that you fill out the form below with as detailed information as you can.  We require that the form be filled out with information about each AED that you aquire or already have. 

If you are purchasing an AED, we recommend the following models: 

Cardiac Science G5 (Cardiac Science has pricing specific to UVM, please contact us for contact information)
Zoll AED plus
Phillips onsite

We ask that every AED be mounted in a well marked cabinet or with a bracket and include a sign above it that clearly identifies the location of the AED.  If you have questions about mounting, please contact us for more information. 

Please provide the name of a staff member who can be contacted about AED maintance or issues
Please provide the building name and the room number or physical description of the location of the AED
Please provide the make and model of the AED you are registering
Please provide the serial number for the AED unit
Please describe the AED mounting. Is it in an alarmed box, an standard box, or a bracket mount?
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