Recommended main navigation for all colleges

  • About Us AND/OR College Mission/Profile
    • Dean's Office
    • FAQs
    • Our Faculty
  • Departments, Programs and Degrees (OR Undergraduate Programs/Graduate Programs as separate menu items)
  • Research (OR Faculty and Research)
  • Student Services AND/OR Support
  • News and Events
    • Publications
  • Facilities
  • Outcomes/Career (NOTE: Optional. This is required at the academic dept. level, but some colleges MAY choose to feature on the college-level. Especially those colleges where the department sites are nested within and closely related to one another.)
  • Opportunities AND/OR Clinical AND/OR Internships
  • Institutes AND/OR Initiatives AND/OR Partnerships
  • Contact Us

Alternative/secondary navigation

Many colleges have expressed a need for an audience-directed navigation using labels such as: “Info for: Prospective Students, Admitted Students, Faculty, Staff, etc.”

Recommended secondary navigation for all colleges

Some departments may find it necessary to target for example, by audience. The ability exists to have a secondary navigation (it will fall below the main navigation) for calling out audience-specific content (ie: Prospective Students, Faculty, Staff, etc.) or for things that aren’t common themes among departments and therefore don’t belong in the main menu, ie. Music: Auditions and Required Tests, Lessons, Recitals and Juried Exams. The secondary content links (in your vertical tab) will also serve as another spot for a secondary navigation located on your college homepage.

visual of secondary nav