Looking for a better way to share your website data? Google's Data Studio allows you to format, organize and annotate interactive reports from Google Analytics, Search Console, Sheets and Docs, YouTube Analytics,  and more. It's also a great way to share your reports, or dashboards, with your team and key stakeholders.

It can be dizzying navigating through and customizing all the reports offered in Google Analytics. On the Web Team, we use Google Data Studio to simplify, streamline, and share web traffic data. Data Studio is another 'free' tool from Google that you can use in your website management and administration strategy.

To facilitate using Data Studio to present your UVM web traffic data, we've created two dashboard templates that you can download, connect to your own Google analytics data, and quickly generate a basic report that can be shared with your team, whether they have Google Analytics account access or not. These reports can be extended and further customized by you to include additional data specific to your web traffic goals.

Using the Templates

Choose a template and then follow these instructions to make a copy and add your web data.

  1. Log into Google with the account you use for Google Analytics and open one of the following reports in Google Data Studio.
  2. In the top right, click More options. and then click Copy icon. Make a copy.
    (If you haven't used Data Studio before, you'll be prompted to complete your account setup before you can make the copy.)
  3. Select a new data source to use in your copy of the report.
    If you haven't used Data Studio before:
    1. Choose the "Create data source" option at the bottom of the list.
    2. Select "Google Analytics" from the list of Google Connectors.
      (If you are using Google Ads, use the Google Ads connector to add your Google Ads account.)
    3. Choose "Authorize."
    4. Select the account, property, and view for the data source you'd like to use.
  5. Your new report will now be customized with your own data. You can rename the report and make any other changes you'd like, including adding additional pages, charts, or even data sources.

Web Traffic Report Dashboard

This dashboard give lots of relevant high-level data on how often your content is being accessed and what people are viewing/doing on your site. The last page of this dashboard provides additional details about its contents and some basic information on how to interpret and utilize the information it contains.

Web Traffic Report Dashboard

Digital Marketing Report

This is dashboard is intended for those actively promoting their web content through various digital channels including email, social media, external websites, and paid search and display ads. It's a quick way to see how your different digital marketing efforts are contributing to your web traffic and how engaged users coming from those channels are. 

Digital Marketing Report Dashboard