The University of Vermont’s Division of Enrollment Management is tasked with recruiting, enrolling, and retaining a diverse, dynamic, and academically robust group of students every year. Our goal is to provide every student that comes to UVM with the best learning experience possible. We maintain that racial and ethnic diversity are crucial components to the success of these efforts and we are committed to further progress.

Recent bias incidents have intensified and reinforced painful experiences for students and staff of color on our campus. Discriminatory acts of any kind have no place in educational environments. Racism is rooted in ignorance. Education plants seeds of understanding.

Our Common Ground reminds us that UVM is a community which values:

OPENNESS: We encourage the open exchange of information and ideas from all quarters of the community. We believe that through collaboration and participation, each of us has an important role in determining the direction and well-being of our community.

This guiding principle reminds us as educational professionals that our work requires self-reflection, attention to nuance, and concrete action. Every voice deserves to be heard. As student advocates, we will work with or beside you in creating a more conducive learning community.

To current students of color, we welcome dialogue.

To incoming students of color, we are ready for you. There are resources and Identity Groups lined up in your corner.

To potential students of color, our door is always open.

You matter and we care.

The Division of Enrollment Management Leadership Team

Jay Jacobs, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
Veronika Carter, Registrar
Ryan Hargraves, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Sarah Warrington, Coordinator of Strategic Retention
Marie Johnson, Director of Student Financial Services