By my signature below, I acknowledge that as an employee of the University of Vermont (UVM) I have access to student records through the Maxient Conduct Manager Database.  I understand that information in that database is strictly confidential.  I am aware of the federal regulations ( and University policies ( that govern my use of those records.  I also understand the implications – both personal and institutional – of mishandling those records. 

I understand that I must protect all personally identifiable information about UVM students in a confidential and secure manner, and that I am only authorized to access information to the extent that I must to do my job in relation to a matter under review by the appropriate unit within the Division of Student Affairs. I will not release the records, or information contained in them, to any unauthorized person or entity. 

I will discuss the content of Maxient student files only with other UVM officials who have a legitimate educational interest.  I will not share my password or in any other way allow anyone else access to the Maxient system.  I agree to seek my supervisor’s direction if questions arise with respect to access, use, or disclosure of confidential information.

I further understand that confidential University information should not ordinarily be downloaded to my personal computer, other unauthorized computers, social networking sites, portable devices (flash drive, CD, etc.), or any unauthorized medium.  If I need for legitimate business purposes to use a personal device, I will delete the information immediately afterward.

I understand that an audit of my use of the Maxient database may reveal that I have looked up or edited information unrelated to my work or outside the proper scope of my access.  If so, or if I otherwise fail to protect student information, I will be subject to discipline and may lose access to the Maxient database.

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