The counter at Henderson's

Adjacent to the the UVM Bookstore, Henderson's serves Vermont Artisan Tea and Coffee and every morning, Henderson's gets a fresh delivery of pastries — scones, croissants, and muffins - from Burlington's Mirabelle's Cafe. Come on by for a double mocha and plop down with friends to chat or read in comfortable chairs by the fireplace. Conjuring cozy images? That's the idea.

Serving: Cappucinno, americano, espresso, dark roast, iced coffee, hot chocolate, chai... you know the deal.

Fun Fact

Henderson's Cafe is named in honor of George Washington Henderson, the first African American man (and UVM alum, class of 1877) to be admitted to the Phi Beta Kappa honors society.


M-F, 8/24 - 8/28: 8 am to 5pm
Sat-Sun, 8/29 - 8/30: 10am to 3:30pm
M-Thu, 8/31 - 9/3: 7:30 am to 5pm
Fri, 9/4: 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Sat, 9/5: 11am to 2:30 pm
Mon, 9/7 (Labor Day): Closed

After 9/7/2020
M-Thu: 7:30-5pm
Fri: 7:30-4pm

Sat: 11am-2:30pm


Contact Info:

(802) 656.3417


Third floor (3rd Floor map (PDF))