The Davis Center Art Program is currently on a temporary hiatus with hopes of returning in Fall 2023. We still welcome you to submit your work for consideration should any one-off opportunities become available for exhibitions, and thank you for your patience and understanding. 

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The Davis Center Art Program (Dcart) is always looking for amazing student, staff, faculty, and alumni art to proudly display in the halls, meeting rooms, eateries, and more - all throughout the Davis Center. Do you have some works you'd like to display? Send them along - we look forward to reviewing your submissions.

If you have any questions about our program, the submission process, or anything else related to art in the Davis Center, please feel free to email us at


Personal Information


Artwork Information


Submit a Photo of your Piece

Please submit SMALL files in JPEG form (screen shots work great). Aim for a total file-size of all your images to be under 5MB. It is important that the file sizes be small or we may not receive your submissions.

If you have more than three images of your art that you would like to include, please place them in a 'zipped' folder and upload the folder. (Windows: Select Images > Right Click > Send To > Compressed Folder; Mac: Select Images, Control-Click, Create Archive).

To upload your file:

  1. visit UVM’s file transfer (opens in a new window)
  2. select whether or not you’re a UVM affiliate
  3. select “Share Files”
  4. complete fields with your info and recipient (


Loan Agreement
I understand that the University of Vermont is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen artwork. I also agree that the University of Vermont will not indemnify or insure my artwork for damages to the work itself or for any loss that may result from the installation of the artwork at the Davis Center.
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