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Featuring locally-sourced and organic foods, Brennan's Pub & Bistro is the Davis Center's sit-down or take-out retail dining location, known for it pub food flair and recognized for its sustainable food options and student-driven events. Its mission is to support local and regional farmers by purchasing local, organic and all-natural produce whenever possible. When out of season, we are committed to purchasing food from the next available growing region.  As such, Vermont products are featured in nearly everything — from salads to burgers, sandwiches, and beyond. You can even get a traditional Vermont Breakfast (try the pancakes!). 

For those of age, Brennan's offers a local microbrew on tap as well as wine. Popular evening programs like UPB's pub quiz, comedy night and the occasional live music keep things busy late night.

Serving: Burgers (veggie, beef), salads, sandwiches, quesadillas, chicken fingers, shakes, fries, and specials based on local produce.

The Book Nook

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The Book Nook was inspired by UVM students and is the vision of JP Marton, a beloved Davis Center custodian. It was JP who observed students' love for reading books and worked to provide a space for the open exchange of books and ideas. Currently, the Book Nook resides in Brennan's Pub on the 1st floor of the Davis Center.

Since its conception in 2010, the Book Nook has tripled in size and donations are always welcome! You can donate books to the Book Nook by leaving them in the donation box (adjacent to the shelves in Brennan's). Books that hold special meaning are especially welcome.

10th Annual Book Nook Spring  Donation Drive

The UVM Book Nook is conducting its 10th annual Spring Donation Book Drive in order to stock up and replenish its shelves for the new 2021-2022 academic year.  As quiet and sparse as the campus was this fall and spring, Students still found their way to the Book Nook to find many books to read and enjoy.

During this difficult year Students showed a preference for Novels, but also actively searched for titles on Race and Social Justice, Philosophy, Poetry, Politics, Religion and Spiritualism. It is amazing to see reading preferences change from year to year -but there is always one common thread, and that is: UVM Students love to read important books; books that not only inform and provide enjoyment, but perhaps transform and widen ones perspective of the World.

Please consider the Book Nook as your year-round source for donating books that captivated and inspired you. You may end up helping to enhance a student’s life in a significant way that they had never imagined before.

To donate Books: We have a convenient Book Nook Donation Box located in the Dudley Davis H. Davis Center Atrium, outside Brennan’s Pub. For larger donations you can contact: jpmarton@uvm.edu


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