One of the teaching technologies supported by the CTL is Yellowdig, a conversation platform that can be linked from a Blackboard course to form a private class community. Yellowdig is designed to make it easy to post, comment, share media, and respond to each others’ posts following the conventions of social media apps that students are familiar with.

Students automatically earn points for how they interact (for which you can set the value), such as making posts, receiving “accolades” from the instructor, replying to posts, liking posts, and having their own posts liked by others. This article, “Gamification, Not Gradification: Use Yellowdig to Motivate Rather than Assess Student Learning,” explains this in more depth.

How to Set It Up

The steps for setting up Yellowdig as well as the difference between Blackboard Discussion and Yellowdig are on the UVM Knowledge Base Yellowdig page.

Tips for Using Yellowdig

  • Share this intro video with students: Learn Yellowdig in Under 3 Minutes.
  • Encourage students to track their points; earning them can be motivating for many students.
  • Be an active member of the community. Your participation will help them earn points and motivate students to stay active themselves.
  • Allow flexibility in conversation topics. Yellowdig is designed to be more of a community tool than the prescribed discussion assignments you may be familiar with in Blackboard. You can certainly guide conversation and suggest topics, but allow students to diverge or expand on them if they wish.

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