Worksheet: Blackboard: Big Picture, Key Details

Jot down some examples for the following questions

1) What is the structural outline of your course? (Not the content, not the topics, not the ‘what’ of the course. Keep it short—25 words or less.)
• My course meets once a week. It is divided into 6 major topics, about 2 weeks each.
• My course is divided into 6 modules, each covering a new topic.
• My course is online but completely asynchronous, combining lecture and discussion.


2) What kinds of work do you ask students to do. What kinds of assessments do you use? (Again, no topics—just their actions.)
• My students read, find pertinent information online, synthesize what they read, and then discuss it. There are occasional pop-up quizzes in class, 3 short papers (5-7 pp.) throughout the semester and a final exam, primarily essays.
• My students study their lecture notes and textbooks and are assigned problem sets for each class. Some of these problems, or similar ones, are on the weekly quizzes, midterm, and final.
• My students have multiple readings for which they write reflective journal entries. They also have blogging assignments and must respond to 2 other students’ blog posts.