Thank an Educator Program: Spring 2021

The Thank an Educator program—sponsored by the Center for Teaching & Learning, Writing in the Disciplines, and Office of Community-Engaged Learning—gives students the opportunity to publicly acknowledge faculty or staff by writing a note to the recipient to express their thanks.

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The following 77 faculty received thank you notes from students in Spring ’21

Elizabeth Adams, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Ellen Andersen, Political Science
Tracy Ballysingh, Education
Kimberly Bauerly, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Madison Berry, Grossman School of Business
Vicki Brennan, Religion
Corey Bronner, Grossman School of Business
Marieka Brouwer Burg, Anthropology
Michael Cannizzaro, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Kelly Clark Keefe, Education
Eva Cosoroaba, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
Sharon Cote, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Celia Cuddy, Social Work
Benjamin Dangl, Community Development and Applied Economics
Michael Dellipriscoli, Grossman School of Business
Stephen Dempsey, Grossman School of Business
Rocki DeWitt, Grossman School of Business
Tyler Doggett, Philosophy
Matthew Dugan, Community Development and Applied Economics
Elizabeth Ellis-Kempner, Nursing
Patricia Erickson, Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Mary-Alice Favro, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Steven Flemer, Chemistry
Steven Gove, Grossman School of Business
Kelly Hamshaw, Community Development and Applied Economics
Victoria Hart, Med – LCOM Edupreneurship
Paula Higa, Theatre and Dance
Laura Hill, Biology
Ying Hu, Chinese
Zachary Ispa-Landa, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Adrian Ivakhiv, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Anthony Julianelle, Mathematics & Statistics
Karla Karstens, Mathematics & Statistics
Dave Kaufman, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
James Kay, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering
Danra Kazenski, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Dan Kirk, Community Development and Applied Economics
Jennifer Laurent, Nursing
Cindy Leonard, Education
Amanda Levi, Senior Undergraduate Student (TA)
Camelia Maianu, Leadership and Development Sciences
Laura Marthaler, Mathematics & Statistics
Katherine Merrill, Mathematics & Statistics
Genell Mikkalson, Nursing
Anthony Morielli, Pharmacology
Mark Moyer, Philosophy
Rachel Narkewicz, Grossman School of Business
Marie-France Nelson, Grossman School of Business
Kaitlin Northey, Education
David Novak, Grossman School of Business
Patricia O’Kane, Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources
Jane Okech, Leadership and Development Sciences
Joanne Pencak, Grossman School of Business
Travis Perry, Grossman School of Business
Kelsey Phipps, Biology
Andrew Prevost, Grossman School of Business
David Punihaole, Chemistry
Shelly Rayback, Geography
Helen Read, Mathematics & Statistics
Donna Rizzo, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Victor Rossi, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dana Rowangould, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Greg Rowangould, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Marthe Russell, Education
Matthew Scarborough, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Derek Schall, Chemistry
Amy Seidl, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Kenneth Shepherd Jr, Physics
Diana Sun, Chinese Language
Amy Tomas, Grossman School of Business
Chris Vaccaro, English
Christelle Vincent, Mathematics & Statistics
Julia Walberg, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Matthew Weiner, Philosophy
Priyantha Wijesinghe, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Rosemary Wosky, Nursing
Sandy Wurthmann, Chemistry

Selected Quotes from Students’
Thank You Notes

“Thank you for all the patience you had and support you gave throughout this pandemic. Taking courses with you reminded me to learn and not just earn a grade and that was easy to forget as the semesters went by. I truly appreciate the way you teach and how much you are there for us.”

“Thank you for adding so much to my learning experience at the University of Vermont! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have you as a professor. I learned so many important things from you that I will benefit from in my personal life as well as my professional life for years to come. One thing I’ve really appreciated is how you really listen to us as students and value our thoughts, opinions, and experiences during such a challenging time in the world. I can’t imagine it was easy to always be the bigger, stronger, wiser, and kind person for us, but you always were.”

“Thank you for being a dedicated, knowledgeable and kind professor and always looking out for the needs of your students!”

“It is very clear that you operate with the goal of being a support to your students– and you are one without a doubt! I have been fortunate to feel the ultimate respect and kindness that a student could hope for in an academic setting while one of your students. Thank you for making this semester as fluid as one could hope, and thank you for being the educator you are!”

“I want to say thank you for being such a considerate professor in the midst of a very difficult semester. There are some professors that will always go above and beyond for their students and you were one of them. You allowed room for changes in our syllabus, and our course requirements, when possible, to give us the flexibility we needed with all the other craziness happening in our lives. I think this made it the best learning environment for all of us.”

“Thank you for your genuine kindness and care for all students! Your energy and positivity make my day and I always look forward to class with you because your lectures are incredibly engaging and thought-provoking. I am grateful for the way that you have opened my eyes to new perspectives.”

“Your class has been the absolute highlight of my year. I have never had another professor consistently bring the same amazing energy and attitude to class that you did, and your passion for the material you teach is so evident. I thoroughly enjoyed all the readings you assigned for the class, and even if I didn’t like a text initially, your enthusiasm for the piece ultimately made me like it too. Lastly, thank you for approaching life with humor and bringing joy to a really difficult, stressful year.”