Create and Edit a Page

See PDF about creating a page.

To begin, click on Pages and then All Pages in the left menu of the dashboard.

On this page, you’ll see a list of existing pages. If you’re just starting out you may only see one page called Sample Page. You have two options with this page, you can delete it or you can edit it giving it a new name, etc.

If you don’t plan on using pages, just hover over Sample Page and click Trash. And notice that there’s an undo option at the top of the page, if needed.

To add a new page, click Add New. You will be taken to this page: See image.

Give the page a title and enter your page text in the large text field. If you hover over the buttons on the text editor, the function of the button will appear, but here is a screenshot pointing out a few options that are unique to WordPress: See image

— To add images, view the » Add Media tutorial.

You can click “Preview” to see how it will look and when ready, click “Publish.”