Create a WordPress Blog

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The first step in creating a blog is to go to Over here on the right, click Sign In. On this page, you want to choose UVM NetID and click Log In.

This may take you to the Web Authentication page. If so, enter your NetID, password, and click Continue.

Because I’ve created blogs before, it takes me to this page called the Dashboard, a control panel for your blog. If you’re logging in for the very first time, you’ll probably land on this page, so you can customize your profile that’s seen by the blogging community. This is optional, but not necessary to proceed. So let’s set up the blog.

Back at the top right corner hover over your name to see the menu, then hover over Sites, and click Create a Site. This should take you to a page where you can enter the title of your blog.

If this is your first blog, you’ll notice down here next to the site name that it just shows “” The reason I have an extra field here is because I have multiple blogs. When you set up more than one blog, the name that you give it is appended to the end after a dash.

For this tutorial, I’m going to create a blog called “myexampleblog,” typed with no spaces. The title is displayed in the header, so you want that to be readable.

While I’m first setting up a blog, I like to click “no” on this privacy option, and then open it again for public view when I’m done.

After that, I click Create Site, and the page reads, “Congratulations, you’ve successfully registered a new site!” You can see the URL or web address for your blog right here.

Next, I’ll show you around the Dashboard.