All About Categories

Categories are optional. When you make a blog post, you can assign a category to it. If you are posting many posts on a variety of topics, categories can help users to filter posts by the topics they’re interested in. For example, in my example blog about insect photography, three useful categories would be moths, beetles, and butterflies. When a user sees that I’ve assigned a category of “Moths” to a post, they can just click on that category and WordPress will display all the other posts that I have assigned to the Moth category.

Again, you have the option of having no categories, a few, or many. You can name them anything you like. If you do not choose to assign categories, posts will be assigned a status of “Uncategorized,” by default.

There are two ways to create new categories.
One is when you’re making your blog post.

The other way is by selecting “Categories” in the Dashboard menu under “Posts.” On this page you can also choose to delete categories.