UVM Streaming Media

What is UVM Streaming Media?

The UVM Streaming Media website is a video and audio sharing tool similar to YouTube.

Feature List:

  • You can upload videos, add a title, tags, and assign categories to them.
  • There are two degrees of privacy settings.
  • You can search for videos, share, and embed them into Brightspace, WordPress, or other webpages.
  • Viewers can click anywhere in the video for instant play.
  • You can add captions by uploading .srt files.
  • You can upload avi, flv, mov, mp3, mp4, rm, wmv files and it will automatically transcode the files to mp4 (as YouTube does) to help ensure consistent delivery across all devices.

Privacy Options:

Anyone with a UVM NetID can upload videos. Anyone (in the world, that is) can browse and view videos unless you choose one of the following privacy options:

  1. you can restrict viewing to UVM eyes only, requiring a person to log in with their UVM NetID to view the video.
  2. you can set a video to “private” so it’s viewable only to those with a link to it, for example, within a Brightspace course.

Upload/Share Your Video:

This article describes the steps for uploading media to UVM Streaming.

Upload Captions:

Captions should be uploaded for all videos used for educational purposes. Contact UVM Captioning to get help with creating the captions for your video after you’ve uploaded it.

After they caption it, they will send you a file, usually ending in .srt. (However the .vtt file type is also accepted on the UVM Streaming Server.)

  1. Go to UVM Streaming Media, log in, find your video, and click Edit Video
  2. Scroll to the option to upload captions and click Choose File
  3. Browse your computer for the .srt or .WebVTT file
  4. Click Update Video

Make Playlists:

Another way to organize content is to group two or more videos into a playlist. Playlists can be used, for instance, if you want to select a group of your videos for students to watch.

Make sure you’re logged in and find a video to start the playlist. Click on the Add button and the Playlist menu appears.

  1. Name your playlist
  2. Make it public or private
  3. Click Create Playlist

Find another video. Click the Add button. In the Add To box, click the blue + to add this video to that playlist. If you see a green check rather than a blue +, then this video is already in that playlist.


Faculty and TA’s may write to or visit Open Hours at CTL to get help. Students can contact The UVM Tech Team