iClickers: A Guide to Using them at UVM (version 7.x)

Note: iClicker Classic and MacOS Catalina
In order to use iClicker Classic with the latest release of MacOS (Catalina), you will need to change some settings in your System Preferences. An alternate option is to put iClicker Classic for Windows on a thumbdrive, and run it using the classroom computer. To do this, follow the instructions for installing on Windows below, but drag the unzipped folder to your thumbdrive.

Students, this page pertains to instructors, only.

If you are a student who found this page because you want to register your clicker, you only need to log into Blackboard. Before entering your course, find the iClicker Registration box on the right and enter the number from the back of your iclicker.

On this page:

iClicker device

What are iClickers? How are they used?

The iClicker is one brand in a classification of tools referred to as “classroom response systems.” Essentially, the iClicker is an electronic polling technology that allows students to give instant feedback or answers to questions during class (by choosing A, B, C, D, or E on a handheld remote device).

When a button is pushed, a signal is sent to a receiving base station that is connected to a computer. Faculty can opt to display students’ collective responses to the class.

Some of the ways they’re used at UVM are to:

  • take attendance
  • review/check understanding of material
  • facilitate think-pair-share activities
  • spark discussion
  • dismantle common misconceptions
  • practice multiple choice questions
  • get anonymous feedback on sensitive topics
  • administer multiple choice quizzes

Is your classroom is equipped with a base station?

Aiken: 102, 110, 112
Bailey Howe Library: 123
Billings: 101 CCT
Cohen101, 102, 107, 119, 201, 208, 209, 211
Delehanty Hall: 219
Dewey: 212, 314
Fleming: 101*
Given: E131
Harris: 115
Hills Agricultural Science: 017, 122, 226, 228, 234
Jeffords: 110, 112, 127
Kalkin: 001, 002, 003, 004, 007, 107, 325
Lafayette: 100, 102, 107, 108, 111, 200, 202, 207, 210, 300, 302, 307, 308, 309, 311, 400, 403, 411

Living and Learning Commons: 216, 302, 314, 315, A101, A161. B132
Mann Hall: 102C, 104, 211
Marsh Life Science: 105, 107, 235
March Austin Tupper: 112
Morrill: 010
Old Mill: 523
Old Mill Annex: A200, A200, A207
Perkins: 003, 101, 102
Rowell: 003A, 102, 103, 110, 111, 115, 118
Royall Tyler Theatre: 210
Stafford: 101
Terrill: 108, 207, 308
Votey: 105, 205, 207, 209, 223, 254, 361
Waterman: 400, 401, 402, 403, 413, 419, 423, 427, 455, 456, 457, 458
Williams: 301, 402

* Note: Due to poor wireless/cellphone reception, the Reef app for iClicker (using cellphones) doesn’t work well in the Fleming Museum 101 classroom.

Download/update software and set it up

Instructions for Mac Users
  1. Go to your Applications folder in Finder and click File/New Folder and name it iClicker Classic.
  2. Download this .zip file.
  3. Open (unzip) the zip file. This will create a folder called “iclicker_and_wizard.”
  4. Double click the .dmg file to begin the installation.
  5. A popup window will open showing a blue iClicker icon. Copy that icon from that window and paste it into the iClicker Classic folder you created in Step 2.
  6. Now that the icon has been moved to your iClicker Classic folder, double-click on the icon to launch iClicker (this will create some necessary folders and files).
  7. Last step: Go back to your original folder, “iclicker_and_wizard,” and copy the LMS_Wizard.xml file. Go back to your  iClicker Classic folder, open the Resources folder, and click paste to add the LMS_Wizard.xml file. Done!
Instructions for Windows Users
  1. Download this custom iClicker install file.  Unzip it onto your desktop.
  2. You can either run your session from this folder, or drag it to your programs folder with the rest of your applications.


Each time you open iClicker, check if the software needs to be updated: Click Help, then Check for Updates. This will solve the majority of iClicker issues.

If you work on a Mac but use a podium computer, typically Windows, for iClicker polling, you can come to the CTL (see our Open Hours) and get a thumb drive with the Windows version installed. Then, you can run iClicker from the thumb drive during class and transfer the class data easily to your Mac after class.

Integrate iClicker with Blackboard

This section has three parts:

PART 1: Set up iClicker for your course. Do this ONCE at the beginning of the semester
First, listed below are the steps you follow ONE TIME to connect your iClicker data with your Blackboard course roster.

Open the iClicker program and click +Create to set up a new course. Provide a course name (any name – this is just for your reference). Click Create.

While your new course is highlighted on the course list, click the Settings button.

In the Course Settings window, click the Gradebook button and then click the Select Course button. NOTE: If you cannot connect to your course be sure that your course has been made available in Blackboard. (see directions on our Bb How-tos) After the sync, you can make it unavailable again, if you wish.

Enter the login information on the following screen as prompted. From the list of courses, select the course you wish to sync with, click Save.

This concludes the steps required ONE TIME at the beginning of the semester.

PART 2: Sync the roster with Blackboard. Do this frequently in during the add/drop period
Part 2: Sync the roster with Blackboard. Do this frequently in during the add/drop period

Select your course and click Open Gradebook

Click the Sync Roster button.

Enter your UVM NetID and password. Click Log In.

Your iClicker roster will now be populated with students’ names and synced with their iClicker IDs. (NOTE: if you see red numbers on your list, it means that someone used a remote that they haven’t yet registered on Blackboard. Once they register their device in Blackboard, their name and their iClicker ID will be synced. See this section.)

You should sync your roster regularly during the add/drop period.

PART 3: Upload iClicker data to Blackboard. Do this after each class.
Here are the steps for uploading student data to the Blackboard Grade Center after each class meeting where you conducted a poll.

Start the iClicker program; select your course and click Open Gradebook.

Click the Sync Scores button.

Select the session (or multiple sessions if you want to aggregate them into one column in Bb).

Select the appropriate choices for uploading to the LMS (Blackboard).

Click Upload.

To double-check that the scores uploaded correctly in Blackboard, go to the Full Grade Center in your course space. Since it’s the newest column in your grade center, you’ll need to scroll to the far right to see it. The date of the iClicker session will be the column title.

How students buy iClickers

The UVM Bookstore price is $46.65. Faculty need to order student iClicker remote devices for their upcoming classes at the bookstore, the same way they order textbooks.

The Amazon price is around $48.00 (Amazon sells used ones at varying lower prices.)

How students register their iClickers

For iClicker data to be collected, student have to register their devices. (We don’t recommend that they register their devices on the iClicker website.) They should register their iClickers in Blackboard because it allows the iClicker program to associate student votes with their names.

Register field

If you’re integrating iClicker scores with Blackboard, students must register their clickers on the My Blackboard page (see image). They need to log in to Blackboard to be able to register.

Loan an iClicker

Follow these directions:

  1. Be sure that you’re connected to a base station
  2. Open iClicker and click the green Start New Session button
  3. Click the gear icon in the iClicker tool bar
  4. Choose Loan Clickers
  5. Now, on the clicker remote, hold the on/off button until the light flashes
  6. Then press A A
  7. The ID# for that remote will show up in the instructor’s “loan clicker” window
  8. Then choose the student from the list and select the time period (the term or the session)
  9. Click Save

iClicker Reef: mobile app

iClicker has a mobile app that allows students to join clicker polls and sessions using their phones, tablets, and browsers. This tool, known as iClicker Reef, is available for download on the respective iOS/Android app stores. Students can also participate in polls in iClicker Reef-enabled sessions from within their desktop/laptop browsers. iClicker Reef is a subscription based service, requiring students to pay a recurring fee to use it. The prices on the Mac App Store as of June 2020 are:

  • 6 Months: $15.99
  • 1 Year: $24.99
  • 2 Years: $34.99
  • and 4 Years: $49.99

The mobile apps are separate from the iClicker remote devices, which do not require a fee or subscription aside from the initial purchase at the bookstore. iClicker remote devices and the iClicker Reef can be used simultaneously by different students in the same classroom.

Allowing students to participate in sessions using mobile devices

In order for students to use a web browser or mobile device during your session, you will have to enable Reef in the iClicker software:

  1. Open your iClicker software, select the course for which you want to enable iClicker Reef and click the “Settings” button.
  2. Click the Mobile tab, then click Enable
  3. Log into iClicker Reef if you already have an account, or click Create Account.
    This is not a UVM system so do not use your UVM password when creating a iClicker Reef account. And do this only once for each course.

    (You will use this password to log into iClicker Cloud, to manage your courses.)

  4. Fill out the form to create the course in iClicker Reef and click the Create button.
  5. Click Save to update the course settings.

Run polls in class


Connect the iClicker base receiver to your computer. (This can be either the classroom computer or your laptop.) The LCD on the base will light up indicating that the base has power.

Open iClicker. Locate the iClicker folder on the computer and double click on iclicker.app (Mac) or iclicker.exe (Windows) on your hard drive (or flash drive) to launch the program.

Select a course and click Start New Session.
(NOTE: if this is the very first session, click Create, and type in a course name.)

The Session Toolbar appears in the top left corner of your computer screen. (see toolbar image, right) You can reposition the toolbar anywhere on your desktop. The floating toolbar allows you to run iClicker with your presentation application(s). For example, if you use PowerPoint or Keynote, both your presentation and the iClicker toolbar will be active. The toolbar floats on top of other applications, such as Word, Acrobat, web browsers, etc.

IMPORTANT: The Start New Session and Resume Session options are enabled only if a base station is attached to your computer.

The Session Toolbar includes options to perform the following:

  1. Close or end the session
  2. Minimize and maximize the toolbar
  3. Start/stop a poll
  4. Select the question type
  5. Show/hide the results chart
  6. Display the Options menu

Instruct your students to turn on their devices.

Display your question to the class on a PowerPoint slide. (iClicker will take a screenshot of your desktop when polling is started. You can view the screenshot in the iClicker Gradebook when polling is over.)

Press Start (green triangle) to begin a poll.
When polling is active, the Start button switches to a Stop button (red square) and a timer appears. A counter on the far right of the toolbar displays how many students have voted. You can choose to show or hide the results during a poll by pressing the Chart button. All other options are disabled during a poll.

TIP: If you want to see the polling results before displaying them to the students, look at the base station LCD. It will display a number corresponding to A, B, C, D, E results of the most recent poll.

Anonymous Polling Options: If you want to utilize anonymous polling for any question, click the gear in the the toolbar. The label AP mode appears on the toolbar indicating the Anonymous Polling mode is enabled. To discontinue the anonymous mode and resume recording answers, click the gear icon again and deselect it. The gradebook results for each student shows an “X” instead of the actual response for that question.

Press Stop (red square) on the toolbar to end a poll. Decide if you want to show poll results for that question.

If you do want students to see the results, click the small bar chart icon on the toolbar. (You can choose to show these polling results during or after a poll.) To show the correct answer, click on that bar.

At the end of class, select the Close (X) button on the toolbar. The student responses are now stored in the iClicker Gradebook.

Get help

Workshop Opportunities
View the CTL Events Calendar to see if iClicker workshops are coming up,.

Open Hours at CTL
To get help on campus, visit the CTL’s walk-in help program, https://uvm.edu/ctl/open-hours


The Select Course button is not available to Mac users
Resolution: Go to Finder/Applications /iclicker and look for a file ending with .xml. Drag and drop this file into the Resources folder. Restart the iClicker app.
I can't start my poll because the options are greyed out.
Resolution: The most common cause for this is a mis-alignment of the 3 components. For iClickers to work, the presentation (Powerpoint) and the iClicker software must be running on the same computer that the base station is connected to.
Students are clicking, but their votes aren't showing.
Resolution: Assuming that the student has already checked that 1) their clicker is turned on, and 2) its batteries are charged, it’s most likely a mismatch in frequencies. Although this isn’t common, sometimes there is interference from a nearby classroom that’s also using iClickers. If this happens you have to change the frequency. When you first begin your session, you will be shown the current frequency settings. The default setting is AA. If you need to change it, click Settings, and choose the General tab. Change it to any different set of letters (e.g. BB). Let your students know the letters you use so they can change their device setting to that same frequency by following the simple instructions on the back of their devices.
iClicker software says there are two numbers for a student and it wants me to identify which one is correct.

  1. First step: Ask the student to stay for a moment after class. Run a poll for only that student and once they click in, you can close the poll.
  2. Second step: go into the iClicker Gradebook and look at that column which will only have one student listed. When you click on that number, it asks whose number it is, and you can choose the student from the list and save it.
  3. Third step: sync the course roster with Blackboard.
Syncing roster problem: The names on the roster look incorrect or the numbers don't match.
Resolution: Often this is because the wrong course is selected—or the wrong year. Go to Settings, choose Gradebook, select the course making sure you have the correct year and course.
Syncing roster problem: I don't see my course on the list.
Resolution: If your course setting in Blackboard is “unavailable,” you’ll need to make it available in order to sync with iClicker. After the sync, you can make it unavailable again, if you wish.
iClicker Reef isn't working because students can't find my course.
Resolution: iClicker Reef has to be enabled by the instructor. In the iClicker software, go to settings, click the tab “Mobile” and click “Enable.”
In iClicker Reef, students see two versions of my course and they don't know which one to use for the poll.
Resolution: Faculty sometimes accidentally create two courses within iClicker Reef. To fix this you have to log in to iClicker Cloud, on the Macmillan community website, and delete the extra course instance (see instructions here.)

iClicker documentation

Download the iClicker Quick Start Guide and Full User Guide 7x