A rubric is a scoring tool that you can use to evaluate graded work. Rubrics can help ensure consistent and impartial grading and help students focus on your expectations.

The Blackboard Rubric tool both allows the instructor to list evaluation criteria for an assignment and, if shared with students, helps them understand the requirements of an assignment.

The Blackboard Rubric Tool allows you to:

  • create rubrics from scratch
  • import rubrics from your other blackboard courses
  • import published rubrics that have been shared online by other faculty
  • easily modify rubrics
  • reuse rubrics

Helpful Links

Sample Rubrics

These rubrics are made available by the Association of American Colleges & Universities: A Voice and a Force for Liberal Education in the 21st Century. They are zip files that can be imported into Blackboard’s Rubric Tool. See ready-to import rubric files. Previews of these rubrics can be seen at the AACU VALUE Rubrics website.

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