Grade Center

The Grade Center is a dynamic tool—essentially a spreadsheet—that interconnects with Blackboard tests and assignments as well as other tools for which the grading option is chosen. A useful feature of the Grade Center is that it supports methods for weighting grades, so students can see their current course grade at any time (in the “My Grades” link in the Course Menu). The Grade Center also allows you to export and import information to and from Excel.

Because the Grade Center is a fairly complex set of features and demands the highest level of accuracy, the CTL provides workshops every semester that focus on using the Grade Center (see the CTL events calendar) and can work with instructors and TA’s one-on-one at CTL’s Open Hours.

Text-based and Video Help Files

  1. Blackboard’s Grade Center Help on All Topics
  2. Instructional Videos on Blackboard’s YouTube channel:

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