Get a Blackboard Course

You do not need to request a Blackboard course. When courses are published in the catalog each semester, Blackboard course spaces are automatically created. Instructors for each course are entered into the Banner registration system by their departments. Banner then sends this information directly to the Blackboard system which creates the course space.

Where You Find Your Course

Once you log in to Blackboard, you will see any current alerts about the system, followed by several boxes. One of these boxes is titled “Course List” and in that box is a list of all courses you are associated with. Click on the title of the course to open it.

If you do not see your course it means that Blackboard or the Registrar does not recognize you as the Instructor of Record for that course. If that happens, check with your departmental administrator to ensure that the Registrar system is updated with that information.

Anatomy of a Course Number

The first 4 digits indicate the year followed by
2 digits for the first month of the semester, e.g.

(note that Winter sessions often begin in December but
are listed as Spring courses and will begin with 01)

The last 5 digits are the CRN (Course Registration Number) assigned by the Banner system.

How Students Appear in Your Course Roster

When students register for (or drop) your course, this information is automatically reflected in your Blackboard course roster. (There is a delay between when they drop or add through the Registrar and when Blackboard reflects that change.) You can see your course roster by going to the Control Panel area in the left sidebar menu and clicking on either Users & Groups: Users or by clicking on Grade Center: Full Grade Center.

Combining Course Spaces

Blackboard creates a separate course space for any course that has been assigned the 5-digit Course Registration Number (CRN). However, if you are teaching a course with multiple labs, or even a course with multiple sections, you may wish to combine all those labs or sections into one course space. This process is called “merging courses” and instructions for how to do that can be found here in the Blackboard Knowledge Base.

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