Email vs. Messages

There are important functional differences between the Blackboard Send Email and the Course Messages tools.

Send Email:
When you send an email, it goes to the students’ UVM email account. A copy is also sent to your UVM email account. There is no inbox or sent mail view within Blackboard.

Course Messages:
This tool does have an inbox and sent box, but the disadvantages are that users have to remember to go to their Blackboard course, then click on the Course Messages tool to see if there’s a message for them. There’s no indication that they have an unread message when they log into to the course. For this reason, it isn’t a reliable method of communicating with students.

Since students are more apt to be checking their UVM mail regularly, we recommend choosing to use the Email tool rather than the Messages tool.

To make the tools available to the class, you can add them to the Course Menu. If you choose to restrict their use to instructors and TA’s, do not add them to the Course Menu. Instead, find the link to them in the Control Panel, under “Course Tools.”

Note: if you use the Blackboard Groups Tool, you can opt to provide these tools to groups so they can easily communicate with each other.

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