Copy or Back Up a Course

Blackboard provides several ways for you to back-up and re-use material created for a course. You can copy individual items from one course to another, or copy the entire course. Another options is to make an archive of the entire course (this includes student data) to serve as a backup of your course. You can even archive the course periodically throughout the semester to have as back-up if you accidentally delete something.

First, go to the course Control Panel and choose Packages and Utilities.
Then, decide whether you are making a backup to save (Choose “Export/Archive”) or copying content to another course (“Course Copy”).

Copy Content to Another Course

To copy part or all of your course, choose “Course Copy”, select the destination course (where you want to content to end up) and select which content to copy to another course.


When you create an archive, Blackboard “packages” it up as a zip file which you’ll need to download and store on your own computer or network storage drive.

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