Adding Content

Generally, content such as files, text areas, links, and images or other media are placed on pages called “Content Areas” in Blackboard.

By default, every course has one content area named “Course Materials,” but you can add new content areas to the course menu or set up folders, which are essentially just new content areas.

If you will be adding a lot of material or links to Blackboard you will want to organize it to help students navigate through it. One basic unit of organization is the Folder. You can place many folders on one Content Area. When you click on the folder to open it, you see a new content area to which you can place files, links, more folders, etc.

Tips for Creating a Well-Organized Course

Tip About Information Design

Which list is easier to scan?

Inconsistent labels:

January 10, 2022
Lecture powerpoint Jan 17
January 24th
1/31 lecture
Lecture February 7
Feb 21 lecture
Powerpoint 2/28

Consistent labels:

Jan 10 Lecture
Jan 17 Lecture
Jan 24 Lecture
Jan 31 Lecture
Feb 7 Lecture
Feb 14 Lecture
Feb 21 Lecture
Feb 28 Lecture

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