The Assignment Tool acts as a drop box, a place for students to “hand in” their work as a file attachment. Each time you create a new assignment with this tool, a corresponding column is automatically created in the Grade Center. Instead of getting lost in your email, the assignments will be stored in that column.

Students can:

  • Type their responses directly into a text box in the assignment itself.
  • Attach a file of any type, though video files should be avoided as they are generally very large.
  • See their grade and your feedback in their My Grades area. See video.

Instructors can then review and grade them by:

  • Viewing or downloading each student submission individually.
  • Downloading them altogether as a zip file and opening them offline.
  • Using Inline Grading to grade and comment on them. (Inline Grading is available for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or PDF files.)
  • Providing additional feedback on their work.

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