Add TAs and Allow Guests

Blackboard Roles

The Teaching Assistant Role:
TAs have all the same permissions to edit a course as instructors do, including giving and changing grades. The only thing TA’s cannot do is to add other TAs to a course. A student cannot be both a student and a TA in the same course.

The Course Builder Role:
Course Builders can add content to a course but do not have access to the grade center. Course builders cannot see any student activity in the course. A student cannot be both a student and a Course Builder in the same course.

How to add TA’s and Course Builders (and students with incomplete status)

Instructors can add TA’s (or Course Builders) to their courses by going to and clicking the large green button that says “Grant Blackboard Course Access.” In the next screen, they can select the term, choose the course, and enter the TA’s NetID.

Opening a Course to Guests

Guests are not “added” per se, but the course and the course content can be opened to guests. A few things to note:

  • If a course is opened to guests, anyone in the world can see it
  • Guests cannot see student names or view any areas that have student activities (discussion, blogs, etc.)
  • Once you allow guests to see your course, you then select which content areas they can see.
  • Guest can find your course by searching for the title, the instructors name, or by using a link you share with them

See the Blackboard Knowledge Base on the two steps: 1) allowing guest access to your course, and 2) setting course content to be visible to guests.

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