Blackboard – Student Preview

Student Preview is a helpful tool because you can see and interact with the course space as a student. You can take tests, submit assignments, and give yourself grades so you can see how grades and feedback appear to students.

The first time you click the Student Preview button, Blackboard automatically creates a “fake” student persona. It will assign a name of “YourLastName_PreviewUser” and a NetID as “YourNetID_PreviewUser.”

Important: Once you are in the Student Preview mode (yellow bar on top), click the Settings button and choose “Keep the preview user and all data” AND “Do not ask me about the preview user when exiting student preview.” This allows you to exit and experiment with grading assignments or tests that you submitted. It can be helpful to use your Student Preview account to test Grade Center weighted calculations, too.

If you want to delete the fake account from the Grade Center, just re-open Settings in the Student Preview mode, and choose “Delete the preview user and all data.”

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