Blackboard – Course Banners

If you are looking to add an aesthetic touch to your course, or otherwise spruce up the landing page that students see when they enter the course, consider adding a banner image.

Course banners must be web-friendly image files ending in one of these extensions: .jpg, .gif, or .png. The optimal size for a banner image is approximately:

width between 750-1000 pixels
height between 200-300 pixels

We give instructions for how to edit a larger image in the video, below.

1. How to DOWNLOAD a banner image from this page

Scroll down to see the banners we offer. (They are all free to use, in the public domain.) To save a banner, RIGHT CLICK on the image and choose “save image.”

Short (soundless) video [2:40]

2. Add text or create banner with your own photograph

The (soundless) video on the right guides you through the steps to making a banner by uploading your own photo to the free website and then uploading the banner to your Blackboard course.

3. UPLOAD to Blackboard

  1. In the Control Panel, click on “Customization,” then click “Teaching Style”
  2. Scroll to “Select Banner”
  3. Click “Browse My Computer,” choose the banner image, and then click “Submit”

banner Allegory of Spring, Georgius Jacobus Johannes van Os, 1817

banner detail Piranesi Temple of Juno

banner detail 17th C trees Savery

banner detail still life flowers

banner nasa space

banner scrabble stay home connected

marshland banner

abstract banner

banner sprouting seeds

full moon and trees banner

field of grain banner

banner flowers

banner monarch butterfly

banner edge of lake rocks trees

banner crayons

banner water lilies

banner abstract painting

sunset or sunrise over ocean with clouds

bright colorful geometric painting

brightly colored fruits at a market

hummingbird drinking from fruit on a tree

many holstein cows in a field with a few in front looking at photographer

long nighttime exposure of stars streaking with the Earth's rotation, with stairs and grasses

brilliant photo of fall maple leaves with pink and yellow blurred background

four sheep grazing, one of them looking at the camera

huge flock of sheep grazing at pasture

small dirt road with wooden fence posts and trees in the mist

a few dairy cows saying hello to photographer at a fence

sunlight coming through forest and shining on dirt road

colorful sunset over river

a few of earth from space

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