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With final exam season coming up, three common questions are:

Should I give a regular exam or are other options better right now?
How can I prevent cheating?
What if something goes wrong with my Blackboard test?

For help with these questions and more, see Finals: Options and Resources.

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Blackboard Test Tool
The Test tool can be used for low-stakes quizzes or high-stakes exams. Unless a test is given in a proctored environment (or using the Respondus Lockdown Browser), it should be considered open book. Test questions that have correct/incorrect answers, e.g. multiple choice, are graded automatically while open-ended questions are graded by the instructor or TA.
All Blackboard test resources
are on the Exam Resources page.
Secure Blackboard Tests with Respondus Lockdown Browser
This is a special browser that prevents access to other applications and websites while the test is in progress.
UVM KB: directions and important considerations for using RLB.

UVM KB: Respondus Monitor, another option for secure exams in Blackboard

Do you have more questions about this? » Open a ticket by emailing the CTL (email link)

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