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The Grade Center is essentially an online spreadsheet that allows you to track student grades and display grades to students. The grade center is automatically connected to the Assignment Tool and the Test Tool and can be manually connected to several other tools. The Grade Center can calculate student grades according to formulas you assign; it supports ways to weight grading criteria, drop lowest scores on assignments, and control when students see their grades.

If you use the Assignment Tool to collect student work, you grade their files directly in the browser using “inline grading.” This means you can enter comments and annotate the document without downloading it, making it easier to keep track of student submissions.

Blackboard Help:
How To Navigate the Grade Center
Controlling when students see grades and feedback
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Rubrics are scoring tools for assessing student work. Choose criterion based on the assignment’s objectives and what you need to see as evidence of student mastery. Writing rubrics helps clarify what is important to you about the assignment and helps you be consistent when grading. Rubrics help students understand the assignment and what is expected of them. Bb allows you to share the rubric with the assignment description. UVM Knowledge Base Creating and Grading with Rubrics

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