1. Share these two links with students:
    UVM COVID-19 information
    Adjusting to Remote Instruction
  2. Tell students how you will keep them updated about the course. The Blackboard Announcement tool (on the course homepage) is ideal because a) announcements are all stored on the course home page, and b) you can opt to have each announcement sent to students’ UVM email accounts.
  3. Survey students about their connectivity and other concerns.
  4. Modify your Syllabus
    • Amend your late assignment policy to accommodate sick students.
    • Revise your make-up policies for scheduled tests and quizzes in case a student becomes sick.
    • Let students know how to inform you if they are sick.

(Throughout this site there are links to Blackboard’s help pages. Please note that UVM uses Blackboard Learn 9.1. Any references in their documentation to Ultra can be ignored.)

Asynchronous Communication*

Defining synchronous and asynchronous: An example of a synchronous conversation is when people are communicating online at the same time. An example of an asynchronous conversation is when one person posts in the morning and another responds in the afternoon.
Options How To
Email the class automatically when posting Announcements within Blackboard UVM Knowledge Base: Blackboard Announcements
Send Emails with Banner ( Learn how from 2-minute video from the University Registrar
Email individual students using Outlook or using the Email tool in Blackboard Blackboard’s Help: How Email works in Blackboard
Do you have more questions about this? » Open a ticket by emailing the CTL (email link)


Real-time Communication
Options How To
Phone or Text Student contact information is listed in Banner See video linked above.
The Teams video or audio call feature works well for private conversations with students, such as office hour meetings. During calls, you can also share your screen which could be helpful for giving feedback or demonstrating solutions to problems.
Teams is available to UVM faculty, students, and staff.

UVM Knowledge Base: Set up and use Teams
UVM Knowledge Base: Teams FAQ

Privacy Matters Protecting Personally Identifiable Information on Teams, from the UVM Office of Audit, Compliance, and Privacy Services

Do you have more questions about this? » Open a ticket by emailing the CTL (email link)

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