How to Survey Students about Connectivity

We have built a simple survey file that you can upload to Blackboard.
There are four general steps:

  1. Download the Survey File
  2. Import the Survey into Blackboard
  3. Deploy the Survey (give student access to it)
  4. See Survey Results in the Grade Center

I. Download the Survey File

Download this zip file: Class_Survey_Connectivity_Technology_and_Other_Needs
Do not unzip it. Note: Safari usually un-zips files when downloading them so use Chrome or Firefox instead. (See PDF of questions included in the survey)

II. Import the Survey into Blackboard

  1. In your course, go to the Control Panel (bottom left)
  2. Choose “Course Tools” > “Tests, Surveys, and Pools” > “Surveys”
  3. Click the Import Survey button
  4. Browse to find the zip file you’ve just downloaded and click Open
  5. Submit

III. Deploy the Survey (give student access to it)

  1. Create a Content Area page in your course menu
    1. At the top of the course menu, click the tiny circle-with-a-plus-sign > Choose “Content Area” (If you can’t see this button at the top of your menu, make sure the Edit Mode is ON in the upper right of Bb page)
    2. Enter the name: “Connectivity Survey”
    3. Check the box to make it available to students and click Submit
  2. Now, click on the new link “Connectivity Survey” in your Course Menu to open the Content Area area you just made
  3. On that page, click “Assessments” and choose “Survey”
  4. On this page you’ll see the survey file that you just uploaded is listed in the box. Highlight it (click on it) and then click Submit
  5. This brings you to the “Survey Options” page. The only thing to select on this page is under Survey Availability, choose “yes,” and then Submit. It’s now available to students.
  6. (If you later need to edit these settings, just click the circle button that appears when you hover over the title, and choose Edit.)

IV. See Survey Results in the Grade Center

  1. In the Control Panel, click Grade Center > choose “Full Grade Center”
  2. Look for the column titled Connectivity Survey on the right. A green checkmark will appear in each students’ cell as those students complete the survey.
  3. Because it is anonymous, you can’t view individual students’ answers. Instead, at the top of the column and click the circle button that appears next to the column title.
  4. You will see a long list of options: Choose “Attempts Statistics” and this will provide a view of all the answers in your class