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The Contemplative Faculty Learning Community (CFLC) is a cohort of faculty interested in engaging in a yearlong exploration of contemplative teaching and learning including approaches to classroom practices. Contemplative practices are applied across the disciplines in higher education and are unified by classroom activities that invite students to mindfully integrate their own rich experience into their learning experience.

We seek to create a place for UVM scholars to gather in a supportive contemplative community espousing radical care for others and ourselves. We will engage in our own contemplative practices (“inner work”) while reinventing our classes to infuse contemplation and reflection into the curriculum (“outer work”). While contemplative practices vary greatly, they focus on the present experience and include a “first-person” orientation that creates opportunities for greater connection and insight.

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Karen Benway
Mathematics & Statistics

Tricia Brown

Jeremiah Dickerson

Emily Glassman

Kathleen Gough
Theatre & Dance

Kelly Clark Keefe

William McDowell
Art & Art History

Amy Seidl
Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources

Jeanne Shea

Priyantha Wijesinghe
Civil & Environmental Engineering

The CFLC will provide opportunities to:

  • Connect with fellow faculty in a supportive community throughout the academic year
  • Co-learn methods of effectively integrating contemplative teaching into courses
  • Collaborate and develop models of implementation and assessment of contemplative practices
  • Deepen individual contemplative practices with structure, guidance, and encouragement

During the year we will:

  • Understand the pedagogical underpinnings of contemplative teaching and learning
  • Explore the variety of contemplative teaching practices with examples of classroom exercises across-the-disciplines
  • Integrate contemplative practices into our courses
  • Engage in a variety of guided contemplative practices in community
  • Deepen our personal contemplative practices individually and in small groups or pairs

Contemplative Faculty Learning Community Coordinating Committee

Laura Hill, Senior Lecturer, Plant Biology Department
Wendy Verrei-Berenback, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching & Learning
Adrian Ivakhiv, Professor of Environmental Thought and Culture
Karen Nordstrom, Evaluation Director (USDA REEU project), UVM Extension
Educational Research Associate, Agroecology & Livelihoods Collaborative
Zac Ispa-Landa, Senior Lecturer, Natural Resources