Manage Grades in Blackboard

The Blackboard Grade Center


The Grade Center is a dynamic and interactive online spreadsheet that allows you to view and grade student work, give feedback, display them to students, track student grades, see who is struggling, etc.

The Grade Center can calculate student grades according to formulas you assign; it supports ways to weight grades, drop lowest scores on assignments, and control when students are allowed to see their grades.

There are many options and settings to make all of this possible, so we recommend you review the links below and make an appointment with the CTL to finalize your Grade Center set-up.

Helpful Links

Tips for Large Enrollment Classes

Grading Color Codes

This optional feature is especially helpful in:

  • Large enrollment classes
  • When grading is done by TAs
  • When quizzes and tests are automatically graded in Blackboard

You can set it so that grade cells with grades lower/higher than (whatever you choose) can be colored differently and easy to spot in the Grade Center.

Blackboard Video on Grading Color Codes
See Blackboard: Grading Color Codes in the Grade Center in the UVM Knowledge Base

TA Grading Groups

If you have a large enrollment class where you’re dividing the grading up amongst more than one TA, you can put students into behind-the-scenes grading groups so each TA can see a view of the Grade Center that filters only the students they are responsible for.

See step-by-step instructions for creating Grading Groups are on the UVM Knowledge Base.

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