Top 4 Tips for Using Classroom Technology

1. Use the classroom computer instead of your laptop

Why? Because the computer at the podium is wired to the other devices that are available in most general purpose classrooms, e.g. a web cam and microphone, a Wacom, an iClicker base station, and a document camera. Additionally, while the podium computer is connected to the ethernet, most classrooms are not equipped with ethernet cables for personal laptops, and some rooms have an undependable wifi signal.

If you need access to your own files, consider using One Drive (the cloud) for your file storage so they can be accessed anywhere.

2. If you have TAs in your classroom…

Direct them to this Knowledge Base article for “Tech TAs” where they can enroll in a self-paced Blackboard training on using classroom technology.

3. Find and share your class lecture recordings

If you’ve chosen to record your class meeting, the method for accessing your recordings differs according to how you created the meeting.

  • If you created your meeting by scheduling it on the Teams calendar and inviting students individually or as a whole group (by typing your class in the attendee field), both you and your students can later double-click on the meeting in the Teams calendar to see the recording there (after the video processing is complete). Read more about sharing on the Knowledge Base.
  • If you created a channel meeting you will access the video by clicking “Files” in that channel, at the top, and then opening the “Recordings” folder and, within that, the “View Only” folder.
  • Lastly, if you click “Meet Now” in your calendar to create a spontaneous meeting, you can access the recordings through OneDrive. See instructions in this Knowledge Base article.

4. See these classroom technology resources on the UVM Knowledge Base