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Blackboard at UVM

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Get started teaching with Blackboard

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Blackboard is the online course management system used at UVM. It provides tools for instructors to share learning resources, communicate with students, have students work independently or collaboratively, and assess student learning. Every course in the Banner registration system has an associated Blackboard course space that is automatically populated with registered students.

Learn How to Use Blackboard

  1. Blackboard How-tos
  2. Teaching with Blackboard at UVM
  3. Blackboard's On Demand Learning Center
  4. Make sure you are using a supported browser by running browser checker.
  5. Get Help at the CTL's Open Hours: We provide phone, email, and in-person support.
  6. Known Issues Blog


Blackboard is developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA and Section 508 standards in the United States. Read more on Blackboard's website.

How to Get Help

  1. Help Tab Log in to Blackboard and click on the appropriate help tab
  2. Blackboard's Online help: help.blackboard.com/ (Note: there may be some references to features not found on UVM's version of Blackboard)
  3. Call the UVM Techteam: 1-802-656-2604
  4. Look for workshops on the CTL events calendar
  5. Instructors and TAs may contact the CTL using the "Request Help" link at the top-right of this page
  6. Learn more about the CTL Dr. Is In program

The Blackboard Course Cycle

» Read about when courses are created and their lifespan.

Blackboard courses are created once the Registrar's Schedule of Courses is finalized. Generally, this means that courses will be available to instructors at some point during the prior term. Below are approximate timeframes for course creation on Bb.

Course spaces on Bb have a lifespan of two years (approximately seven terms). At any given point your current semester course will be available as well as those from the previous six semesters and the next semester. NOTE: This is based on a three-semester schedule, Fall, Spring and Summer.

For instance: in a Spring semester, the next semester, Summer, will be live on the server as well as the past six semesters—Fall, Summer, and Spring—of the previous two years.

Instructors and TAs have control of whether a course is visible to students. Learn how to turn course availability on and off, here.

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