Worksheet: Blackboard: Assignment and Rubric Tools

To-Do Before the Live Session:

Go to Your Course

  1. Log into Bb ( using your UVM NetID and password.
  2. Once there, find your spring course space you want to work in – it will be listed under “My Courses”.
  3. Click on the course title to enter the course.
  4. Before working on your course, make sure the edit mode is on. Sometimes it randomly turns itself off, so if find you can’t do something, make sure you see that green light! 

Create a rubric

  1. Scroll down the left navigation bar to Control Center > Course Tools > Rubrics, and create a rubric:

Create an assignment, and connect the rubric to it

  1. Open Course Materials in Blackboard (unless you have already created another Assignments content area).
  2. Select Assessments > Assignments from the menu at the top of the content area, and add an assignment to the content area. See for a description of this process with a screenshot.
  3. In the Grading section of the assignment, select the Add Rubric button to connect your rubric. (Note options at right for whether students can see the rubric/feedback, before or after grading.) Click Submit.

Additional steps to try (optional in advance)

If you’re interested in exploring how to download student work, or how to grade the work using the rubric you’ve made, you’ll need to switch your course into student preview mode, and submit a file. If you’re interested in testing this out before our workshop, here’s how:

  1. Turn on student preview by clicking on the icon at the top right of your course space (to the left of the editing on/off button).
  2. Navigate to the assignment you created, and submit any file through the assignment.
  3. Click on the student preview icon to return to your instructor view.
  4. When prompted, save the student preview data. This will keep the work you just submitted as a student, so you can see it again in the instructor view.

Downloading Assignments

  1. In the left navigation bar, scroll down to the Grade Center and select Assignments (Control Panel > Grade Center > Assignments)
  2. Click on the chevron to the right of the column name for your test assignment.
  3. Select Assignment File download

Grading with the Rubric

  1. In the left navigation bar, scroll down to the Grade Center and select Assignments (Control Panel > Grade Center > Assignments)
  2. Hover the cursor over any cell containing a needs grading symbol (! in a yellow circle). Click on the caret that appears on the right side of the cell, and click on the dated attempt.
  3. Click in the box where the grade would go, and the rubric link appears underneath. Click into the rubric to score.