Blackboard Ally

First, we answer the most common question:

    Do all my files have to be 100% accessible right away?
No! We know this will be a challenge—UVM faculty have thousands of files in Blackboard—but we want to show some meaningful progress. Getting more files to “green” (67% or over) is our current challenge.

UVM’s Commitment to Accessibility

Diversity and inclusion are deeply held values at UVM and we are committed to making all learning environments accessible to every student, including files and documents you upload to Blackboard. In support of this goal, a new tool—Blackboard Ally—is now available on Blackboard.You do not need to turn it on—it appears automatically.

What Does Bb Ally do?

Blackboard Ally (Bb Ally) analyzes all files you have placed in your course, then:

What Do Faculty See?

Once a file is uploaded, instructors will see a graphic symbol (a “gauge”) adjacent to the file. This gauge icon indicates the degree to which the file meets ADA guidelines. Click on the gauge icon to receive information about the issue and how the file can be fixed to be more accessible. Students do not see the Ally gauges on your files.

How to Use It:

What Do Students See?

For all students, Ally can produce several alternative formats of the original file (ex: electronic braille, audio, tagged PDF) so that students can use the version best suited to their needs. Open the drop-down menu next to any attached file in Blackboard and choose the “Alternative Formats” option.

For an overview, view:

If your students have questions or are curious to learn more about Ally and accessibility, they can visit “Ally for LMS Help for Students

How To Get Help

  1. CTL Open Hours to walk-in, call, or email
  2. Check our Events page for workshops