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Creating Conditions for Dialogue across Difference - A Blackboard Jungle Workshop

Wednesday, April 05 2017
@ 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM
Diversity is one of the most striking and defining patterns of healthy living systems. From an ecological perspective, diversity is the raw material for systems to change, adapt, and evolve. Yet paradoxically, many group processes and social structures make it difficult to engage diverse perspectives, cultural practices, experiences, and ways of knowing. As a result, we often miss out on opportunities to tap into deeper learning, collaboration, and creativity.

This workshop will be an opportunity to collectively explore questions about the practice of facilitating dialogue across difference. More specifically:

  • How do we create the conditions to engage in challenging conversations about diversity?
  • What practices/capacities can improve our ability to facilitate dialogue across difference?
  • How can we use tension as a generative force in our learning environments?

This will be a participatory workshop. Please bring your own questions and stories to share!

Event details:

  • Contact: ,, (802)656-1155
  • Facilitated By: Marie Fagnant; Vea; Vea-Fagnant, Rubenstein Sch Env & Nat Res
  • Location: Bailey Howe 303
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