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Teaching in Fall 2020

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In the face of the unprecedented demand for CTL services, we remain committed to helping faculty navigate these difficult times and develop successful courses. Because the need is high and we are a small team, we’ve been developing more online, self-service resources (on both this website and on the UVM Knowledge Base) to help meet the needs of the largest number of faculty. If you have a question that is not addressed by these resources, we are also available for consults at

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Online Proctoring Tools: Balancing Academic Integrity with
Student Access and Privacy

April 5, 2020 By Dianna Murray-Close With the recent move to remote teaching, faculty have raised questions about how they can ensure academic integrity when students take exams online.
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Contemplative Pedagogy for Transformative Education and a Creative Response

February 5, 2020 From guest contributor, Laura Hill, Plant Biology—[snippet] treeToday’s college student is seeking more from their higher education than simply gaining knowledge and skills. They are asking faculty to make the classroom experience more participatory, inclusive, and relevant. College students are searching for life purpose and meaning, according to an extensive survey of first-year students across the U.S conducted by Alexander Astin and colleagues. Students reported preoccupation with life’s big questions such as: “What are my most deeply felt values? Do I have a mission or purpose in my life? What kind of person do I want to become? What sort of world do I want to create?” Continue reading…

Using the Bb Grade Center? Here’s a must see little tip!

Posted on January 10, 2020 [snippet] When I mentioned this in the CTL Blackboard Grade Center workshop this week, people were SO grateful that I thought I should post the tip to our blog. Continue reading…