Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Theatre

THE 001 - Introduction to Theatre

Overview of general theatre practices and theories, emphasizing history, script analysis, character development, and communicative skills directed toward a modern audience.

THE 010 - Acting I: Intro to Acting

Exercises to increase self-awareness and heighten perceptions of human behavior. Basics of script analysis and development of vocal and physical skills through practice and performance.

THE 020 - Fundamentals of Lighting

Primary course in the area of stage lighting design and execution. Includes Lab.

THE 030 - Fundamentals of Scenery

A hands-on introduction to the theory and practical application of the scenic elements involved in play production (drawing, building, and painting techniques). Includes Lab.

THE 040 - Fundamentals of Costuming

Primary course in area of costume design and construction. Includes Lab. Fall.

THE 075 - D1:Diversity:Cont US Theatre

An exploration of plays and playwrights in contemporary theatre focusing on themes pertaining to race, sexuality, gender, and the physically challenged. Prerequisite: Minimum Sophomore standing. Cross-listed with: CRES 075.

THE 096 - Introductory Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific topics.

THE 110 - Acting II:Cntmp Scene Study

Continuation of Acting I. Development of acting techniques through intensive scene work: refining script analysis and performance skills using contemporary scenes. Prerequisites: THE 010; Sophomore standing.

THE 150 - Hist I:Class/Med/Ren Thtr

A study of the theatrical rituals of Greece, Rome, and the Middle Ages leading to the reinvention of theatre in Renaissance Italy, England, and Spain. Spring. Prerequisite: THE 050

THE 160 - Stage Management

Theory and practice for stage managing in the non-commercial theatre. Prerequisites: THE 010 and Pre/co-requisites: THE 010 and one of: THE 020, THE 030, THE 040. Spring.

THE 190 - Theatre Practicum

Students are required to earn credit through production activities. Project proposals must be approved by department faculty. Students may not complete more than 2 credits in any one area of production (acting, production crew, front of house, marketing, and design). Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

THE 196 - Intermediate Special Topics

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Spring. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

THE 198 - Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.

THE 200 - Professional Preparation

Topics include preparing for auditions, portfolio reviews, interviews, and research papers for entrance into graduate schools or professional theatre venues. Prerequisite: Junior/Senior standing and by Instructor permission only.

THE 283 - Seminar - Design

Senior Theatre projects for students in areas of design. Prerequisites: Senior standing; THE 010, THE 020, THE 030, THE 040, THE 050, THE 150, THE 252; and THE 120, THE 130, or THE 140; and by Instructor permission only.

THE 284 - Seminar: Act, Dir, SM, Write

Senior Theatre projects for students in the areas of acting, directing, playwriting, and stage management. Prerequisites: Senior standing; THE 010, THE 020, THE 030, THE 040, THE 050, THE 150, THE 252; and by Instructor permission only. In addition: for Actors: THE 110; for Stage Managers: THE 160; for Playwrights: THE 170; for Directors, THE 250.