Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Public Health

PH 100 - Careers in Public Health

Students learn the public health functions and services through the lens of the public health workforce. Careers in public health and related fields are explored.

PH 301 - Public Health & Health Policy

Course focuses on current public health issues, barriers to improving population health, and policy tensions between science, economics, education, politics, government, media, and public health.

PH 302 - Epidemiology I

Epidemiology is the study of disease distribution and determinants in populations; we will define populations and estimate the distribution of health-related conditions and their determinants. Pre/co-requisites: Bachelor's degree and college-level mathematics course.

PH 303 - Biostatistics I:App Rsch in PH

Biostatistics I (Applied Research Methods in Public Health) includes biostatistics, research designs, and qualitative approaches, and includes emphasis on evaluating research articles in public health. Pre/co-requisites: Bachelor's degree and college-level mathematics course.

PH 304 - Environmental Public Health

Explores major areas of environmental public health (EPH), including environmental hazards, exposures, and related health outcomes, including emerging topics in environmental public health.

PH 306 - Social&Behavioral Public Hlth

This course addresses the behavioral, social and cultural factors related to individual and population health, and health disparities over the life course.

PH 307 - Epidemiology 2

Exposure to advanced epidemiological concepts, such as effect modifications and modeling using multiple variables, related to establishing causal relationships from observational data. Prerequisite: PH 302, PH 303.

PH 308 - Environmental Public Health 2

Students explore public health within the context of natural and human-made environments, and examine methods of practice and emerging environmental health topics. Prerequisite: PH 304.

PH 310 - Public Health Law and Ethics

Public health law examines the government's authority, at various jurisdictional levels, to improve the health of the general population within societal limits and norms. Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree.

PH 317 - Mgmt in Hlth Services&Med Care

Addresses major issues and challenges faced by health services managers relating to established and evolving social, economic, and professional policies in a context of practical problem assessment and appropriate resolution.

PH 321 - Controversies in HlthEconomics

Covers health economic concepts, principles and theories, as well as the application of these methods to a range of practical scenarios. Examines the advantages and disadvantages of various health economic techniques and health economic evaluation.

PH 322 - One Health: Zoonoses

Zoonoses and vector-born disease account for the majority of emerging and re-emerging diseases. Students will learn about the drivers that influence infection in animals and humans, tools used for disease monitoring and prevention, and policies and programs aimed at prevention. Cross-listed with: ASCI 322.

PH 392 - Culminating Project Experience

Prepares students to apply knowledge and skills in a culminating project experience that reflects research and practice needs of actual populations. Prerequisites: PH 301, PH 302, PH 303, PH 307.

PH 396 - Advanced Special Topics

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