Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Pathology

PATH 307 - Molecular Pathology

Covers mechanisms of disease, molecular biology and genetics, diagnostic molecular pathology, as well as principles, tools and applications in research of molecular pathogenesis. Prerequisite: PATH 300.

PATH 309 - Pathology Grand Rounds

Develops ability to prepare and deliver research presentations/Grand Rounds, and to participate in Grand Rounds discussion by critically reading related literature. Builds on the reading skills developed in PATH 308. Prerequisites: PATH 300, PATH 303, PATH 308, or Instructor permission.

PATH 310 - Clinical Molecular Diagnostics

Covers the basic concepts of genomic medicine and its clinical application, procedures and techniques of clinical molecular testing, and management of a clinical molecular laboratory; focuses on diagnostic molecular testing on solid tumors, hematopathology, constitutional disorders, and pharmacogenomics. Prerequisite: PATH 330.

PATH 325 - Genetics for Clinicians

Provides an overview of contemporary human genetics and genomics with application to clinical practice. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. Cross-listed with: GRNS 325.

PATH 330 - Pathology Rotations

Laboratory practicum for Pathology Master's students. Engages students in clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory rotations under supervision of attending physicians and senior residents in the University of Vermont Medical Center Pathology Department.