Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Public Administration

PA 302 - Org Theory & Behavior

Examination of basic classical and contemporary theory, research on human relations, internal structures, environments, types, diverse workplaces, general properties of complex organizations and bureaucracies.

PA 306 - Policy Systems

The study and application of system-level public policy frameworks, theories and models to contemporary policy problems and solutions.

PA 317 - Systems Anly & Strategic Mgmt

Students will be introduced to systems thinking and network dynamics with a particular focus on managing across organizational and sectoral boundaries, including public-private partnerships, intergovernmental arrangements, and strategic alliances. Tools to undertake strategic analysis and planning will be explored.

PA 326 - Community Economic Development

Examines how rural and urban communities address poverty, unemployment and other economic problems through job creation and retention, workforce training and support, and other development strategies. Cross-listed with: CDAE 326.

PA 375 - Public Administration Capstone

The Capstone is designed to provide MPA students with a summative experience that ties learning competencies to evidence drawn from their course of study. Pre/co-requisites: Core MPA courses either prior to Spring semester or simultaneously.

PA 380 - Internship

Supervised administrative experience culminating in a written report.

PA 391 - Master's Thesis Research

Thesis topic must be approved by faculty advisor.

PA 397 - Readings & Research

Readings, with conferences, term paper, to provide graduate students with specialized knowledge in an area in which an appropriate course is not offered.