Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Health Sciences

HSCI 021 - Introduction to Public Health

In this introductory investigation of public health, students will explore the development and scope of the discipline of public health, and issues that have been raised with regard to the practice of public health.

HSCI 056 - D1:Antiracism and Health

Provides an appreciation for antiracist health-professionalism by examining the intersection of racism and healthcare and how this intersection shapes the way we treat and interact with one another across a wide spectrum of differing identities.

HSCI 080 - Epidemics: Dynam of Inf Diseas

Through the analysis of historical and fictional infectious disease outbreaks, explores factors which encourage and discourage the emergence of infectious disease. Also examines examples of how disease has influenced human history, focusing on the impact of disease on the rise and fall of civilizations.

HSCI 103 - D2: Fndns of Global Health

Explores global health and global health challenges affecting people primarily in developing or resource-constrained countries. Prerequisite: Minimum Sophomore standing. Cross-listed with: ANTH 173, HSOC 103.

HSCI 120 - SU:Read and Eval Rsch in Hlth

Exploration of research methods as they pertain to public health and sustainability. With an emphasis on the multiple dimensions of sustainability and health disparities, students will evaluate and analyze primary, secondary and tertiary sources of information. Prerequisite: HSCI 021.

HSCI 130 - Health Promotion

An overview of health promotion across the lifespan, from local, national and global perspectives. Examination of the influences on health and risk, strategies to promote health, and evaluation of outcomes. Students will engage in 8-10 hours of service learning. Prerequisite: HSCI 021.

HSCI 160 - Health Communication

Students will work together to investigate the nature of health communication and explore the ways in which health communication is intertwined with public health and health care. Prerequisites: HSCI 021, ENGS 001 or equivalent; minimum Sophomore standing.

HSCI 190 - Internship

On-site supervised work experience combined with a structured academic learning plan directed by a faculty member or a faculty-staff team in which a faculty member is the instructor of record, for which academic credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

HSCI 240 - Project Planning and Eval.

In stages, create a project proposal and evaluation plan for a health-related program. A complete proposal and evaluation plan will be required of each student as the final course outcome. Prerequisites: HSCI 130; Health Sciences major; minimum Junior standing.

HSCI 250 - Writing for Health Profess.

Review of principles of good writing with an emphasis on non-technical writing commonly used in health care organizations, and organizations that support health and health care in the U.S. and globally. Adaption of materials for lay or low literacy audiences. Prerequisites: HSCI 160; Health Sciences major; minimum Junior standing.

HSCI 280 - Capstone

The health-related capstone is a service-learning based course that provides an opportunity for students to integrate their academic learning and skills while gaining exposure to health issues and populations through a service placement with a community agency. Prerequisites: All HSCI required courses unless permission granted from instructor; Health Sciences Majors Only; Senior Standing.