Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Early Childhood Pre K-3

EDEC 001 - D2:Intr Early Care & Education

A Civic Learning course that introduces and explores current issues, policies and practices in early care and education, which impact families and young children of diverse backgrounds. Emphasis on self-study, anti-bias frameworks, inclusion, and advocacy as well as civic engagement and cross-cultural communication.

EDEC 055 - Special Topics I

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.

EDEC 113 - Creative Arts and Movement

Introduces students to the fundamentals of art, music, and movement and emphasizes the importance of process-oriented experiences in teaching children birth through age 8. Students' learning will be grounded in educational theories, knowledge of children's development, reflective practice, and experiential learning. Prerequisites: EDEC 001 and minimum Sophomore standing or Instructor permission.

EDEC 122 - D2:Culturally Responsive Educ

Study of ECE systems, foundational theories and research, corresponding with an evidence-based understanding of how young children learn and develop. We will apply an anti-racist and social justice approach to examine ECE experiences, settings, policies, and the field itself to uncover and think critically about how teachers can work to disrupt and redress inequities. Prerequisite: Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education majors or with Instructor permission. Pre/Co-requisite: EDEC 001 or equivalent.

EDEC 145 - Preschool Curriculum Devel

Course emphasis is on developing relevant, integrated, authentic, individualized, developmentally appropriate curriculum based on observation and interpretations of children's work in PreK classrooms, serving children ages 3-5. Reflective thinking is supported by readings and discourse. Prerequisites: EDEC 001, EDEC 063 or equivalent, Praxis Core requirement fulfilled, or Instructor permission. Co-requisite: EDEC 149.

EDEC 149 - Preschool Practicum

Practicum experience with children ages 3-5. Students spend 9 hours per week as a member of a diverse, PreK classroom developing skills in observation/assessment, curriculum development and facilitation. Prerequisites: EDEC 001, EDEC 063 or equivalent, Praxis Core equivalent fulfilled, or Instructor permission. Co-requisite: EDEC 145.

EDEC 187 - Early Childhood Studnt Teachng

Full time, semester-long student teaching experience in an early childhood setting for children birth through grade three. Prerequisites: EDEC 179; Early Childhood PreK-3 major; Praxis Core Requirement Fulfilled; GPA of 3.0 or higher. Co-requisite: EDEC 188.

EDEC 188 - Student Teaching Seminar

Supports the EDEC 187 Early Childhood Student Teaching. It will address pertinent issues in early education teaching and learning, while preparing students to construct their licensure portfolios. Prerequisites: EDEC 103, EDEC 139, EDEC 179; Early Childhood PreK-3 major; Praxis Core Requirement fulfilled; GPA of 3.0. Co-requisite: EDEC 187.

EDEC 197 - Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.