Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Curriculum & Instruction

EDCI 323 - Inquiry and Technology

This course examines how technology can promote a student-centered active learning classroom environment that promotes problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Prerequisite: Prior teaching experience.

EDCI 331 - Society, Stress and the Brain

Explores brain development and the learning process under complex social conditions such as poverty, instability, and fear. Students study the effects of stress on learning and consider methods of instruction and interaction that address developmental needs of children and families from diverse contexts.

EDCI 345 - Trnsfrm Ldrshp Edu for Sustain

Focuses on developing students' education for sustainability leadership practices and offers tools to transform ourselves and our community. Explores a whole-systems and ecological approach for leading change in complex and emergent times. A core element of this course is the community that will be co-developed through collective work. Prerequisite: EDCI 343. Pre/Co-requisite: EDCI 344.

EDCI 360 - Professional Learning in Orgs

Examines effective strategies for professional learning. Attends to different learning theories for professional learning and how organizational structures, political dynamics, and change processes can influence how professional learning is received and implemented. Prerequisite: Graduate student standing.

EDCI 396 - Advanced Special Topics

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