Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Educ Cultural & Ling Diversity

ECLD 056 - D1:Lang Policy Issues,Race&Sch

Examines the connection between race and language particularly as it relates to immigration and English policies.

ECLD 189 - Teach Reading & Writing to ELs

Students develop appropriate reading and writing strategies to support English learners, and then apply these strategies in a tutoring service learning context. Prerequisite: ECLD 056 or ECLD 102.

ECLD 201 - Developing Curriculum for ELs

Prepares students who intend to teach in a K-12 classroom environment or similar setting by exploring language acquisition theories, instructional methods, and lesson planning for English language learners. Prerequisite: ECLD 056, ECLD 102, minimum Junior standing; or Instructor permission.

ECLD 295 - ELL Practicum

A practicum opportunity for Education majors who intend to pursue the ELL endorsement for grades PreK-6, 7-12, or PreK-12. Assignments include weekly reflections, informal lessons, and resource building for teaching/tutoring English learners. Prerequisite: ECLD 056, ECLD 102, ECLD 189.

ECLD 303 - Language Policy, Race,&Schools

Designed to provide a fundamental overview of theory and policy related to race and language, and how it shapes and impacts English acquisition for English learners in U.S. schools.