Term: Spring 2022

Subject: Computer Science

CS 006 - Exploring Cybersecurity

Fundamental concepts and tools utilized by cybersecurity professionals to assess and detect software and network vulnerabilities; best practices in physical and data security through the use of appropriate risk management methodologies. No credit if taken after CS 166 or 266.

CS 008 - QR: Intro to Web Site Dev

Provides a strong foundation in HTML, CSS, images, beginning web programming, and web design so that the student can create a complete functional web site in a team based final project.

CS 021 - QR: Computer Programming I

Introduction to algorithmic problem solving and computer programming. Designed to provide a foundation for further studies in computer science.

CS 064 - QR: Discrete Structures

Introduction to analytic and formal methods of computer science with practical examples, including analysis or data structures, recursion relations, proof methods, and logic programming. Credit not given for more than one of CS 064, MATH 052 or MATH 054. Prerequisites: CS 020 or CS 021 or CS 110; MATH 021 or MATH 023.

CS 087 - QR: Intro to Data Science

Basic techniques of data harvesting and cleaning; association rules, classification and clustering; analyze, manipulate, and visualize data using programming languages. Basic principles of probability and statistical modeling/inference to make meaning out of large datasets. Cross-listed with: STAT 087.

CS 091 - Instructing in Computer Sci

Assist in instruction of undergraduate computer science courses under the direct supervision of a faculty member. Duties may include grading, office hours, laboratory and/or recitation instruction, or other related activities. Instructor permission required. Prerequisite: Instructor Permission.

CS 110 - QR: Intermediate Programming

Intermediate programming concepts including common data structures, algorithms, style, design, documentation, testing and debugging techniques, and an introduction to object-oriented programming. Prerequisite: One of CS 020 or CS 021 with a grade of C- or better.

CS 120 - QR: Advanced Programming

Build programming maturity and proficiency through significant projects with spiral development, including program specification, design, implementation, debugging, testing, validation, internal and external documentation. Focus on advanced topics including efficiency, profiling, modularity, extensibility, programming paradigms, design patterns, memory management, and generics. Prerequisite: CS 124.

CS 121 - QR: Computer Organization

Introduction to computer system organization including performance, assembly language, machine-level data representation, arithmetic for computers, processor datapath control, memory, and input/output. Includes significant semester project. Prerequisite: CS 110.

CS 124 - QR: Data Struc & Algorithms

Design and implementation of linear structures, trees and graphs. Examples of common algorithmic paradigms. Theoretical and empirical complexity analysis. Sorting, searching, and basic graph algorithms. Prerequisites: CS 110 with a grade of C- or better; minimum Sophomore standing.

CS 125 - QR: Computability& Complexity

Formal languages and expressiveness. Turing completeness and Church's Thesis. Decidability and tractability. Complexity classes and theory of NP completeness. Prerequisites: CS 064 or MATH 052. Co-requisite: CS 124.

CS 148 - QR: Database Design for Web

Design and implementation of a relational database model using SQL and PHP. Open ended final team based project, examples: ecommerce site, blogging site, members only site, learning site. Prerequisites: CS 008; CS 020 or CS 021.

CS 167 - Cybersecurity Defense

Cyber defense policy, privacy, ethics; network threat defense, intrusion detection systems, intro to penetration testing, OS security principles, system/network admin, cloud, mobile and IoT security; overview of security planning, management and incident response. Prerequisite: CS 166 or CS 266.

CS 187 - QR:Basics of Data Science

Basic data science techniques, from import to cleaning to visualizing and modeling, using the R language. Machine learning methods include regression, classification and clustering algorithms. Programming methods include user-defined functions. Prerequisite: STAT 111 or STAT 141 or STAT 143 or STAT 211. Cross-listed with: STAT 187.

CS 192 - Service Learning in CS

Service learning experience that benefits the University or the Community under the direction of a CS faculty member. Prerequisite: Instructor permission.

CS 201 - QR: Operating Systems

Supervisory and control software for multiprogrammed computer systems. Processes, threads, synchronization, interprocess communication, scheduling, memory management, resource allocation, performance evaluation, secondary storage, case studies. Prerequisites: CS 120 and CS 121.

CS 202 - Compiler Construction

Covers the design and construction of compilers and translation of high-level programming languages to assembly language. Topics include code representation, register allocation, optimization, static analysis, mutable data, garbage collection, and compilation of higher-order language features. Prerequisites: CS 124, CS 125.

CS 204 - QR: Database Systems

Techniques for processing very large collections of data. Secondary storage. Database design and management. Query languages and optimization. Database recovery. Prerequisite: CS 124.

CS 205 - QR: Software Engineering

Treatment of software engineering problems and principles, with a focus on iterative software development. A significant part of the course is devoted to two multi-week team projects. Prerequisite: CS 120.

CS 206 - QR: Evolutionary Robotics

Exploration of the automated design of autonomous machines using evolutionary algorithms. Coursework involves reading of research papers, programming assignments and a final project. Prerequisites: Junior standing and programming experience, or Instructor permission.

CS 222 - QR: Computer Architecture

Architecture of computing systems. Control unit logic, input/output processors and devices, asynchronous processing, concurrency, parallelism, and memory hierarchies. Prerequisite: CS 121.

CS 224 - QR:Algorithm Design & Analysis

Comprehensive study of algorithms including greedy algorithms, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, graph algorithms and network flow. Computational intractability. Approximation, local search and randomization. Prerequisite: CS 124. Pre/co-requisites: Recommended: CS 125; STAT 143, STAT 151, or CS 128.

CS 254 - QR: Machine Learning

Introduction to machine learning algorithms, theory, and implementation, including supervised and unsupervised learning; topics typically include linear and logistic regression, learning theory, support vector machines, decision trees, backpropagation artificial neural networks, and an introduction to deep learning. Includes a team-based project. Prerequisites: STAT 151 or STAT 251; MATH 122 or MATH 124.

CS 265 - QR: Computer Networks

Introduction to the theoretical and pragmatic principles and practices of computer networking. Topics include: the Internet; wired and wireless communications protocols; network security protocols. Prerequisites: CS 110; CS 121.

CS 284 - Undergraduate Honors Thesis

See description of Honors Thesis Program in the College of EM section of this catalog.

CS 287 - QR: Data Science I

Data harvesting, cleaning, and summarizing. Working with non-traditional, non-numeric data (social network, natural language textual data, etc.). Scientific visualization using static and interactive "infographics." A practical focus on real datasets, and developing good habits for rigorous and reproducible computational science. Project-based. Prerequisites: CS 020 or CS 021; STAT 141 or STAT 143 or STAT 211. Pre/co-requisites: Recommended: CS 110; Math 122 or Math 124. Cross-listed with: STAT 287.

CS 292 - Senior Seminar

Oral presentations that pertain to the ethical practice of computer science in government, industry, and academia. Topics may include computer security, copyright, and patent law. Prerequisite: Senior standing in Computer Science.

CS 293 - Computing Career Preparation

Seminar to help students develop necessary skills for becoming computing professionals and exposes them to different computing careers. Topics include job search strategies, preparation for technical interviews, networking, and developing soft skills. Several guest lectures by computing professionals and alumni. Prerequisite: CS 124.

CS 294 - Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion.

CS 295 - Special Topic:Computer Science

See Schedule of Courses for specific titles. Subject will vary from year to year. May be repeated for credit with instructor permission.

CS 354 - Deep Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning algorithms and applications, including basic neural networks, convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, deep unsupervised learning, generative adversarial networks and deep reinforcement learning. Includes a semester team-based project. Prerequisite: CS 254. Cross-listed with: CSYS 354.

CS 387 - Data Science II

Advanced data analysis, collection, and filtering. Statistical modeling, monte carlo statistical methods, and in particular Bayesian data analysis, including necessary probabilistic background material. A practical focus on real datasets and developing good habits for rigorous and reproducible computational science. Prerequisite: STAT 287 or CS 287 or Instructor permission. Cross-listed with: STAT 387.

CS 392 - Master's Project

Prerequisite: Department permission.

CS 395 - Advanced Special Topics

Subject will vary from year to year. May be repeated for credit with Instructor permission.