Term: Spring 2022

Subject: American Sign Language

ASL 001 - American Sign Language I

Introduction of American Sign Language with emphasis on visual receptive and expressive use including facial expressions and gestures. Elements of the Deaf Culture are explored.

ASL 002 - American Sign Language II

Discusses concepts and principles: advanced vocabulary, grammar patterns, use of space/modulation of signs for time/location. Further explores Deaf Culture. Prerequisites: ASL 001 or CMSI 001 or equivalent.

ASL 051 - American Sign Language III

Stresses fluency of expressive and receptive skills for conversational competence. Introduces increasingly complex grammatical aspects. In-depth study of Deaf Culture. Prerequisites: ASL 002 or CMSI 002 or equivalent.

ASL 052 - American Sign Language IV

Expansion of ASL III. Intended to refine competence in receptive and expressive abilities through exposure to stylistic and regional ASL renditions. Deaf Community involvement. Prerequisites: ASL 051 or CMSI 051 or equivalent.

ASL 102 - American Sign Language VI

A continuation of ASL V. Focus on grammatical and linguistic aspects of ASL and the use of ASL discourses in formal settings. Prerequisite: ASL 101.

ASL 120 - D2: Understanding Deaf Culture

Provides students a comprehensive orientation to Deaf communities as linguistic and cultural minorities. Students will explore various aspects of American Deaf culture.

ASL 220 - ASL Literature

Introduces students to ASL literature by exploring and examining a wide range of videos produced by Deaf artists. ASL literature covers classic and modern Deaf folklores, ASL storytelling/narratives, ASL poetry, Deaf humor, theatre, cinema, and other genres. Prerequisite: ASL 051.