The Landlord Restoration Program (Program) is for landlords/owners of pre-1978 rental property. Our goal is to help ensure lead-safe housing for all. And, to help landlords comply with the Vermont’s Lead Housing Law, Title 18, Chapter 38. We can provide information and resources so landlords can perform Essential Maintenance Practices (EMPs) and file EMP compliance statements. We will not enforce against landlords who voluntarily comply, and those who need extra time can have extra time (up to 90 days) to comply** Property owners who are already subject to a complaint or enforcement action for failure to comply are not eligible for this program.

If you are EMP certified, or have an inspector who is EMP certified, you can comply right away by completing your EMPs and filing your statement immediately:

File your annual EMP Compliance Statement

Need more time to comply? Enroll in our Landlord Restoration Program now!

We want you to be able to comply with Vermont law. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Enroll in the Landlord Restoration Program 

Step 2: Complete the Department of Health PDF icon Extension Request Form and e-mail it to

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Can't complete the form online?

Use our printable PDF icon LRP Enrollment Form

How does the Program work?

The Program provides information and referral support to landlords who have not filed an EMP compliance statement in the last year.

I can't complete the EMPs right now. What can I do to get in compliance?

Here are steps you can take to get in compliance with Vermont's Lead Law:

  1. Get EMP certified or hire an EMP contractor
  2. Do your EMPs
  3. File your EMP compliance statement
  4. Or, if you need more information, attend a community meeting in your area to learn about the Lead Law and have your questions answered
  5. Enroll in the Landlord Restoration Program by filling out the form.

When do I perform EMPs?

EMPs are annual obligations.  Each year you must inspect your rental property and safely repair deteriorated paint. If you receive a letter to comply within 30 days from the Department of Health, you can receive an additional 60 days by enrolling in this Program and completing the “Extension of Time” form.

How do I perform EMPs?

You can become EMP certified yourself, or hire an EMP contractor, visit: Beware of shortcuts! Make sure your EMP statement is accurate before you file. There are significant penalties for falsely certifying EMP compliance.

My property has been gutted and renovated. Does the law still apply to me?

Yes! If your building has been restored, it still may contain lead. To exempt you from annual EMP filings, a third-party contractor must perform an inspection and prepare a report. This generally costs $500-$1000, and you may be eligible for financial assistance if you rent to low or moderate-income tenants.

You can find information here on hiring a lead contractor, and here is information for lead contractors.

What if a tenant makes a complaint against me for a lead violation?

If you come into compliance voluntarily, there will be no State enforcement for past noncompliance. However, the state cannot waive a private claim a tenant may have.

What if I don’t enroll in the Program or file an EMP statement?

This is a public awareness and outreach effort. If you do nothing, your status has not changed. There will not be any follow-up as part of the Landlord Restoration Program. But, you should know that failure to comply with the lead law, may leave you exposed to a complaint or future enforcement action. Our goal is to support the efforts of Vermonters who wish to comply with the law.

Are there any eligibility restrictions for participating in the program?

The Landlord Restoration Program is not available to property owners who are already subject to a complaint or enforcement action for failure to comply. If you are already subject to a complaint or enforcement action please contact the Department of Health or the Office of the Attorney General if you are seeking information about the status of your case.


Contact the Vermont Dept. of Health, Asbestos & Lead Regulatory Program, by phone at 802-863-7220 or online at