David Blittersdorf '81
President/CEO, All Earth Renewables

To describe David as passionate about renewable energy is a huge understatement. Born and raised in Pittsford, Vermont, he graduated from the University of Vermont in 1981. A year later he founded NRG Systems, and grew it into a successful manufacturer of measurement instruments for the global wind energy industry. After twenty-two years, he stepped down as CEO of NRG to found AllEarth Renewables, a company offering solar, wind and transportation solutions to help prepare humanity for future energy constraints. Today, David is involved in all aspects of AllEarth Renewables’ day-to-day operations. He also serves on the boards of several energy-focused institutions at the national and state levels, including the Post Carbon Institute and Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont, and an honorary PhD from Wentworth Institute of Technology.